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NO Break Power Protection is a critical requirement for DATA Centers, Production facilities, Global reach management structures expecting 100% Power Continuity Protection for mission critical systems at all times, 365/24/7. NO Break Power is essential for computer networks and security systems to ensure complete power continuity eliminating all power blips & spikes.

Without Network power protection systems correctly installed and regularly maintained your computer networks will crash. Worst still, if you never ‘Mains Fail test’your emergency standby power systems, then you’ll never know whether they operate-NO Break Power- seamlessly or what effect there operation may have on downstream equipment.

Power Continuity design, install and maintain fully automatic NO Break Power Resilient Power Continuity systems, to ensure that your critical operations keep running when the Grid supply trips, splutters or fails.
Our engineering teams completely design, supply, install and maintain ‘state of the art’ Power Protection 24-7 systems across the UK. Each individual design & build can be viewed as a 3D model utilising the most cost effective space for UPS power systems and Emergency Standby power generators whether , N+N, N+1 or greater resilience.

No Break Power Protection – Automatic Systems

Each Power Continuity design is unique to your requirements; allowing a fully automatic network power protection system at Head office, Production facility and remote sites, all co-ordinated to talk to your BMS. Need power 24/7? Then you need Power Continuity

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Automatic Power Protection System

Fully automatic Power Protection Systems provide 100% Power Continuity. For a truly automatic NO Break Power Continuity system your site will require:

  • Standby Generators with on-board fuel tank as well as a 24 hour additional tanks
  • Centralised UPS system combo – for short term seamless power protection while the generator starts up and provides total power to replace the mains failed supply.
  • Automatic Mains Fail power transfer panels (AMF) to switch the power from mains to auxiliary emergency power systems, automatically
  • Self-contained Air Con System
  • Static switches
  • Date Environment is housed in a building away from potential risks. Solid brick walls and a concrete ceiling with plenty of insulation to ensure the building doesn’t over heat in a hot summer. And a roof that will never be prone to leaks.
  • Keypad entry via solid fire-rated door and active recored CCTV
    Backed up systems mirrored to another similar equipped building on a another site NOT same location
  • Mains supply from two separate sources- for example from two different Grid rings
  • Phase rotation is same on both GRID supplies
  • Phase shift – Supplies must be checked to ensure NO phase shift has occurred over time from the GRID supplies or transformers
  • Service & Maintenance regime must with up to date hard copy records
  • Named responsible person who accepts ownership responsibility for the day to day operation of your mission critical sites – Data Centres, Power Protections Systems, IT.

This allows your Critical Kit to have a full power protection system, whatever happens to the mains supply your covered.

The Ultimate Power Protection System Option
Never want a power outage or power loss?

Then you seriously need to look at an N+1 installation

What’s N+1 Power Protection?
N+1 is a UPS in parallel with a same size and model UPS.
For example a 100kVA UPS with 20 minutes battery backup and a second 100kVA for with 20 minutes battery backup.

N+1 Power Protection Configuration Explanation

What is N+1 UPS?

A UPS is built to withstand the spikes and fluctuations that are come with the dirty power supplied by the National Grid. Being full of complex parts, of course, UPS failure of a part can happen and does happen. When this occurs the UPS would go into internal bypass or at worst could turn itself off. Although rare, components can fail & do fail

With a fully installed in an N+1 power continuity system, there is at least TWO UPS, the second parallel UPS would seamless take over and continue to protection your power. NO Break, seamlessly.

What if the power outage were to last longer than the battery time of my UPS?

Your system will require an automatic Standby Generator with as a minimum a 12 hour fuel tank preferable a 24 hour tank. These days we would advise 48 hours or longer.

Is having a single Standby Generator actually an N+1 power protection solution?

No. N+1 requires TWO generators working together as a parallel Standby Generator system of two equal size and model generators. Then, in the event of one of the generators failing to start, the other will take over and start up to hold the power and support your site. This could happen due to vandalism, component failure, lack of fuel, etc. N+1 would require two standby generators of the same size and model fully synchronized so that, in the event of an issue which one of them, the second continues to support the load without failure. Power Continuity program both generators to start up together and then one of the generators falls back to allow the other to keep running. Hence should the running generator fail then the other generator receives the signal to start and takes over the power production.

Is one fuel tank enough?

No. N+1 requires TWO generators working together as a parallel Standby Generator system of two equal size and model generators with separate fuel tanks. Contaminated fuel is common place , so allows have a separate bunded fuel tank for each generator to reduce the risk of failure. We also advise installed fuel filtration on each fuel tank to remove any contaminants that appear within the stored fuel or from a contaminated fuel delivery. Alternatively , Power Continuity can clean the fuel in your tanks , on site.

That’s all well and good but I what if I need even Greater NO Break Power for our Mission Critical Systems. Global reach, requires absolute power continuity 24/7.

What can I do to eliminate any possibility of power failure?

The next step after N+1 UPS and Generator Power Protection system is to replicate the systems to N+2 or even N+3 etc. The more power continuity systems, the more resilience

Next Step is ensure you have a fully mirrored and functioning replicated site system at a second remote secure location at least 20 miles away.

Total Resilience for the ultimate power continuity protection
Power Continuity can provide N+1 , N+2 , N+3 or even N+4 total resilience into any site at design stage or as an upgrade option.

Power Continuity design, supply, install & maintain Data centres across the UK.

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