Now Worry – Shutting Power Stations

//Now Worry – Shutting Power Stations

Now Worry – Shutting Power Stations

The UK’s remaining coal-fired power stations will be shut by 2025 with their use restricted by 2023, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has announced.

Tony Lodge, who has published a report from the Centre for Policy Studies, said “Britain is on the verge of an ‘energy crisis’ with electricity demand set to outstrip available supply in the near future. 

“We have called for an independent person separate from government to give a lead on security of supply. If we don’t have that we could be in real trouble in 18 months.”

Ms Rudd wants more gas-fired stations to be built since relying on “polluting” coal is “perverse”. 

“We need to give a clear signal to people who are in the market for building gas stations that coal will no longer crowd out new gas.”

‘Energy crisis’

Currently, coal provides almost a third (28%) of the UK’s electricity, but Ms Rudd said “We are tackling a legacy of underinvestment and ageing power stations, which we need to replace with alternatives that are reliable, good value for money and help to reduce emissions.”

Environmentalists are concerned little is being done to promote renewables.

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