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In order to stay ahead, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have to be agile. They need to exploit evolving technology to achieve ever shorter production lead times. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications are constrained by several diverse factors, but all rely on uninterrupted power for their complex operations.

All these highly automated pharmaceutical production processes operate in 100% sterile environments. Machinery in these plants, fill the bottles, produce tablets, encapsulate liquids, manufacture vails. Power interruption is the most common cause of profit loss in the Pharmaceutical sector. Therefore, there is a huge requirement for stable, clean and continuous uninterruptable power 24/7, that can be expanded to take into account future site growth.

This highly site specific and complex power protection profile can be easily achieved by Power Continuity Ltd. We have all the resources, expertise and essential experience for installation and maintenance of automatic power protection systems in these highly sensitive environments.

Biotechnology Sectors & Laboratories also require bespoke, site specific, uninterrupted power supplies, UPS combined with automatic emergency standby by diesel generators.

Innovative uninterruptible power solutions are available from PowerContinuity Ltd.

We offer the most comprehensive range of uninterruptible power supplies to power protect all Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Sectors from electrical disruption from Rotary UPS systems to Static UPS Systems..

Let Power Continuity Power Protect your Pharmaceutical Production

For more information , site specific, contact Power Continuity on 0845 055 8455

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