Power cut news

Power Running Out


There will be widespread power cuts according to the latest information this UK power provider,once the volume of electric cars increases. For the full story please click here.

Generator Power Visible from Space


Who has the automatic power protection systems installed in Puerto Rico? See this image of Puerto Rico in the summer of 2017. Then again after the Hurricane wiped out the Electrical Power Grid. Who has automatic power protection systems installed can be clearly seen from...

Total Power Loss


How would your business continue without any power? In Puerto Rico the unthinkable has happened - total nation-wide power failure! A fully installed PowerContinuity System operates 24/7 without power grid back up To read the the complete headline go to:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-41340392

Power Grid Crash Possible


Computer security researchers said Sunday they have discovered the malicious software that knocked out electricity in Ukraine’s capital last year, and warned U.S. companies that the code could be re-purposed to disrupt their GRID systems. The discovery sheds light on an incident that security experts have...

NO Wind NO Power


Finally the truth , just how close the UK is to major black outs. "Quite soon, sensible people will be buying their own private generators, as they do in Third World countries"

Powercut Terrorism


Today Philip Hammond, UK Chancellor, told his audience, that there is," now a real risk that hostile "foreign actors" were developing techniques that threaten the country's electrical grid and airports." The warning came within Philip Hammond's speech, describing how the government plans to spend a previously announced...

UK Power Output Lost


The UK lost 11.4GW of coal and gas generation capacity in the three years to end of 2015, latest government data shows. Some 8.8GW of coal-fired plant came off the transmission system, alongside 2.6GW of gas.

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