Power Outages Continue Across Oklahoma

//Power Outages Continue Across Oklahoma

Power Outages Continue Across Oklahoma

The hurricane that hit Oklahoma was equivalent to a Category 5. This means winds were more than 200 miles per hour.

Power outage problems continued across Oklahoma.
State-wide nearly 95,000 electric customers are still without power.

Officials say they are trying extremely hard to restore all power in these problem areas.

PEC’s, Monica Cowart, says,  “We have already called in crews.  We have crews coming from the south and in Texas.  We have crews coming from the Stillwater area and we have contacted all of the contractors that we’re aware of”.

Officials say it is taking longer to fix the problem areas because of the severe pole damage. They say many individual outages are the result of trees falling on the poles.


May 2013 Oklahoma State USA
Source: Fox News


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