Power outages the ‘norm’ in coming decades

//Power outages the ‘norm’ in coming decades

Power outages the ‘norm’ in coming decades

Power outages could become the ‘norm’ in coming decades as demand for electrical power in the UK is set to rise by 50% be 2050 without more power being created in near future. That’s maxmum 20 years from now.

Looking forward to 2050, this could increase to a total of 93GW or in other words a 50 per cent increase in Consumer Power requirement.

As traditional sources of energy supply are replaced by new ones, and demand becomes more dynamic, the UK energy production system will have to be more complex to manage such increased requirements . NEW responsive balancing products and services will be needed to deliver flexibility across both the electricity and gas systems for the UK to be able to cope with this extra demand. Presently, New Nuclear Power stations are behind time and existing Power Stattions are being extended beyond the dates that they were expected to be closed down. An energy imbalance supply/demand is building up.

Electricity peak demand could easily sky rocket if the requirement for Electric vehicles are projected to reach millions by the early 2020s, and worst till if it were to be as many as nine million by 2030. Without additional UK electrical production facilities being available the additional 8GW to 10GW of demand at peak times will be problematic. And that is without accounting for the additional power requirements due to climate change as the UK has hotter summers and more turn to Air Con to balance ambient temperatures.

The UK infrastructure needs to grow quickly to support the increasing number of EVs over the coming years.
Failure to do so now risks creating an almighty headache for the next generation of drivers and users in the UK.

For more information visit www.wired.co.uk


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