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City Centre space is limited; so many companies prefer to locate generators on the roof.
PowerContinuity Systems has years of experience placing emergency backup generators on roofs – roof top generator installations.
Every Installation has the option of re-fuelling from ground level with our own PCS engineers installed double skinned fuel pipework from the roof down through the building to basement/ground level fuel fill point. The Fuel fill point is lockable and fuels a double skinned basement reserve fuel tank. Should fire regulations for your city stipulate fuel evacuation in the event of a fire alarm, PowerContinuity Systems install fast dump pipework and tanks.

If you have the roof space, we can carry out roof top power protection installations.

Roof top generator installations – then we’re here to help.

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We’re here to help

Our friendly engineering team will guide you through the options

Here is a quick check list for you to evaluate whether this is for you:-

1/ Will the roof space take the weight?
2/ Is there already a steel frame work on the roof to spread the weight?
3/ Is there already A/C on the roof?
4/ Can a crane have enough access to place a generator on the roof?
5/ Any possible issue with neighbours? Visual or Noise?
6/ Are there raisers with enough spare space for both cables and fuel lines?
7/ Will you be remaining at this site for many years?
8/ Is the landlord amicable to a roof generator?

These are for starters and then we’re there to assist you after a site survey

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