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Phase Shift – What Is It?

Phase Shift happens what there is more than one power feed coming into a building. Each transformer supply needs to have the same phase rotation and the identical phase location. (zero) If there is only one supply, then there is no issue. On the other...

What are Double Fed Induction Generators (DFIG)?

DFIG stands for Double Fed Induction Generators. They are most noticeably used in wind turbines for electricity production. Unlike a generator alternator, which generates electricity rotating at a nice constant 1500RPM. The wind is significantly less reliable. Maximize the amount of energy with DFIG. Consequently,...

What is Grid Energy Storage?

Grid energy storage are energy storage methods on a large scale within an electrical power grid. The percentage of electricity generated from renewables is increasing. The lack of supply from these sources, can pose a threat to the continuity of supply to homes and businesses....

How does a Micro Grid work?

As briefly described in our other post, a micro grid is a localised energy grid. Generally linked to the main grid. Having the capability to disconnect automatically and function as its own independent grid when necessary. Traditionally homes and businesses connect to the National Grid...

What is a Micro Grid?

A micro-grid is a small-scale power grid. Able to operate independently (island-mode) or together with the main National Grid. Imagine the installation of a small scale photovoltaic (PV) installation on your business. This is a microgrid, which is operating in conjunction with the main grid. The...

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