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What is Peak Load Lopping and Peak Load Shaving ?

Peak load lopping also known as ‘peak load shaving’ & ‘peak load shedding’, is the used when the GRID supply can’t be increased due to cost or location and you need more power than is available. Sometimes the GRID can’t or won’t supply the power...

LV Switch Gear Water Damage Prevention

LV Switch gear water damage prevention is a priority, whether the risk is from water pipes or flood plain. Something we all know is water and electricity do not mix. Whereas transformers can be rated to be outside and therefore waterproof, most LV switchgear is...

Why build a substation away from streams / rivers?

The simple answer to this question is to prevent the substation from being flooded. A flooded substation means a high chance of power loss and possible damage. By locating substations away from streams and rivers, you can avoid this disruption in the first place.  

Why build a substation higher than surrounding ground?

This may seem a very odd question, but the recent floods highlighted locating substations on lower level ground, can mean they become flooded. Resulting in the likelihood of switchgear tripping or, even worse, damaged. It's not always possible to avoid all flooding events. Be that...

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