UK Power Attack?

//UK Power Attack?

UK Power Attack?

Head of the British army, Sir Nick Carter, has warned that ,” The UK is struggling to keep up with Russian capabilities and that in the event of hostilities, Russia could attack the undersea power connections that link the UK to European power supplies. That threat would cripple the UK economy and lead to countless deaths.”

Mr Gavin Williamson, who became the UK defence secretary in November 2017, said, ” Russia had been researching these types of connections and would be willing to take action that any other nation would see as completely unacceptable,” he added,” Moscow was spying on energy supplies which, if cut, could cause “total chaos” in the country.”

The comments of Mr Williamson were backed up by former First Sea Lord and security minister Lord West, who told the paper he was, “Absolutely certain that Russia was looking at how to get into the UK’s critical infrastructure. They are going to be thinking, how can any action cause so much pain to Britain?”

Further comments suggest ‘Loss of power on this scale would damage the UK economy, rip its infrastructure apart, actually cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths, but could actually have an element of creating total chaos within the country.’

The warning comes after the chief of the National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin, said earlier this week,” that Russia had already staged attacks against Britain’s media, telecommunications and energy sectors over the past year.”

The UK has four undersea connections for electricity linked to the continent and a further four for gas to bring energy into the country, critical for the power stability of the whole country.

Visit the BBC website to read the complete article
Russia plot against Power infrastructure, UK Defence secretary warns


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