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Power Continuity works closely with the University of Nottingham assisting in the development of New Technologies for the benefit of the local environment and future resilience of the UK Electrical infrastructure. The University has decades of being “at the cutting edge” of outstanding developments in the field of electrical engineering. The excellence of their achievements continuous to grow both in the UK and around the World.

Power Continuity is proud to be a part of this BIG Picture although we can’t deliberate on the details of our ‘on-going’ confidential University collaborations.

The engineering excellence of the University of Nottingham together with the hands on experience of Power Continuity Installation engineers is reaping benefits both now, and in the future, for future Generations in Nottingham and across the UK.

Propulsion Futures Beacon

Electrified Propulsion Centre 

University of Nottingham

Gas Turbine & Transmissions Research

Energy Technologies

The University of Nottingham Innovation Park (UNIP)

Together we can all make a difference

Let’s work together to commercialise the Best of British Electrical Engineering

Power Continuity today and for everyone

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