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APC by Schneider Electric, formerly known as American Power Conversion Corporation, is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and data centre products.

In 2007, Schneider Electric acquired APC and combined it with MGE UPS Systems to form Schneider Electric’s Critical Power & Cooling Services Business Unit. In 2011 APC by Schneider Electric became a product brand only, while the company was rebranded as the IT Business Unit of Schneider Electric.

Current UPS Range

Smart-UPS On-Line (1-20kVA)
High density, double-conversion on-line power protection with scalable runtime

Symmetra (2-16kVA)
Highly available single phase UPS features redundant and scalable double-conversion on-line power protection

Symmetra PX (10-500kVA)
​​High performance, right-sized, modular, scalable, 3-phase power protection with ultra high availability and efficiency for any size data centre or high density power zone.

Symmetra MW (400kW to 1.6MW)
Ultra energy efficient, modular, scalable, three-phase power protection with industry-leading performance for large data centres and mission-critical environments

MGE Galaxy 3500 (10-40kVA)
​Compact three phase power protection with excellent efficiency and optimised footprint particularly adapted for demanding industrial environments.

Galaxy VM (160-200kVA)
Highly efficient, easy to deploy, compact three phase power protection that seamlessly integrates into the electrical, physical and monitoring environments of customers operating medium data centres, industrial or facilities applications.

MGE Galaxy 5500 (20-120kVA)
State-of-the-art three phase power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements from medium data centers to industrial and facilities applications

MGE Galaxy 7000 (160-100kVA)
Energy efficient solutions feature performance 3 phase power protection with high adaptability to meet the unique requirements of medium to large data centres, buildings and mission critical environments

MGE Galaxy 300 (10-40kVA)
Effective 3 phase power supply protection against downtime and data loss for mission critical applications.

Discontinued UPS Range

Galaxy 5000 – 20 to 120 kVA

A new dimension of performance
Ideal protection for medium power data centres and industrial applications

  • Data centres: server rooms, communications centres, data storage units, network equipment.
  • Telecommunications: PSTN/ISDN infrastructure, cell phone MSCs and OMCs, Internet service providers, transmitters, control rooms, editing studios.
  • Industrial: critical continuous processes (motors, speed controllers), clean rooms, paint booths, instrumentation, monitoring, controls, safety systems

Pulsar M – 2200/3000 VA

Modular on-line double conversion UPS

Ideal protection for:

  • Servers, data storage and network equipment
  • Telephony – VoIP
  • Medical equipment – Industrial processes

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