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Riello UPS

Riello UPS is a subsidiary of Riello Elettronica. Founded in 1986, Riello Elettronica initially manufactured switching power supplies for information technology applications, before moving into the manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Today, it is one of the four largest manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies in the world, with a complete range of UPS able to satisfy any energy requirement.

Current UPS Range

Sentinel Pro (700-3000VA)
Sentinel Pro is the latest evolution of the successful Riello Dialog Plus online UPS. Sentinel Pro is an on-line double-conversion UPS offering the highest levels of reliability and protection for critical servers, voice and data processing IT systems.
The UPS is highly efficient and has a power-off push-button feature to reduce energy consumption to zero, when no load is connected or switched off.
Sentinel Pro comes in the following size models: 700VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 2200VA and 3000VA.

Sentinel Dual (1-3kVA & 3.3-10kVA)
The Sentinel Dual range is split into Low Power and High Power. The Low Power range is available in 1, 1.5, 2.2 and 3kVA and the High Power in 3.3-4-5-6-8-10kVA single-phase models and 6.5-8-10kVA three-phase/single-phase models, with on-line double conversion (VFI) technology.
The Sentinel Dual range can either be floor mounted or rack mounted (19” rackmount cabinets).
The Sentinel Dual UPS features selectable On-line, Economy and Smart Active operating modes and includes RS232 and USB interfaces as well as a network adaptor card option.

Sentinel Power (5-10kVA)
​​The Sentinel Power range includes 5kVA-6kVA single/single phase and 6.5kVA-8kVA-10kVA single/single phase and three/single phase models and uses double conversion on-line technology (VFI).
The range includes selectable Economy Mode and Smart Mode as well as custom LCD display, RS232 and USB interfaces, EPO contact and slots for optional interface boards.

Sentinel Power Green (6-20kVA)
Sentinel Power Green is the ideal solution for protecting IT systems, telecommunications equipment and mission critical systems such as safety devices, ensuring maximum power reliability.
The range includes 6 kVA single/singlephase and 8-20 kVA single/single-phase and three/single-phase models with on-line double conversion technology (VFI ).
In terms of technology and performance, Sentinel Power Green is one of the best UPS available on the market today: selectable Economy Mode and Smart Active Mode functions; custom diagnostics LCD display, RS232 and USB interfaces with PowerShield³ software, ESD input, interface slot with optional boards.

Multi Sentry (10-200kVA)
​Multi Sentry is a state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supply, achieving the highest possible level of on-line double-conversion performance (VFI-SS-111) as defined within IEC EN 62040-3.
The sizes available include: 10-12-15-20-30-40-60-80-100-120-160-200 kVA all with a three-phase input and output.
The Multi Sentry is one of the most efficient UPS available and has a high output power factor at 0,9pF (1pF for models 160-200 kVA), up to 15% (20% for models 160-200 kVA) more active power compared to a more traditionally sized UPS.

Multi Power (up to 294kVA – modular)
The Riello Multi Power is the most recent addition to the Riello range and the ultimate modular UPS for critical loads and data centres.
With its modular design, the Multi Power grows along with the needs of your business.
The new MPW Power Modules feature the very latest in UPS technology. With its three level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) inverter and Power Factor Corrected (PFC) input control, the MPW ensures the highest level of performance in terms of overall efficiency, input power factor and harmonic impact on the supply source. It also has a unity output power factor (1pF) allowing the use of a smaller UPS to cover your load.

Master MPS (10-200kVA) / Master HP (100-600kVA)
The Master MPS series UPS devices ensure maximum protection and power quality for any type of load, especially for mission critical applications, security systems and electro-medical equipment, industrial processes and telecommunications.
Master Plus is an on-line double conversion UPS (class VFI SS 111 in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3) with a transformer isolated inverter.
The Master MPS range has been enhanced with the HP series available from 100 to 600kVA. Master HP provides maximum protection and power quality for data centres and industrial loads. The UPS has an IGBT-based rectifier, DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology and provides true On-line, double conversion power protection, (VFI SS 11 – Voltage and Frequency Independent in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3).

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Discontinued UPS Range

It is no longer possible to order these Riello UPS but we still offer servicing, maintenance and battery replacements on them with our Riello trained engineers.

DIALOG DUAL 3300-6000VA floor or 19″ DLD Series

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the power protection of medium sized file servers, voice and data networks, communications cabinets and telephone switches.

The Riello UPS Dialog Dual UPS range is the ideal solution for computer and telecoms users wanting a flexible multiple operating format power system capable of either floor standing or 19″ rackmount format for use in communication cabinets.


An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the power protection of corporate wide and large network applications. The Riello UPS Multi Dialog Uninterruptible Power Supply range is the ideal solution for computer and telecoms users wanting a flexible multiple operating format power system with advanced communications features.

There is a 19″ rackmount format product 10-30kVA and version with a built in isolation transformer for critical applications requiring Galvanic isolation – 10-20kVA.

10-20kVA single/single or three/single-phase 10-80kVA three/three-phase

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