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3 phase UPS Power Systems provide Uninterruptible power to support your mission critical Data equipment.
Real Power Continuity by Power Continuity Systems.

Our 3 phase range of UPS Power Systems covers all sizes from 15 kVA to 1,500kVA (1.5mVA) and even up to 6 megawatt parallel systems.
All our 3 phase UPS are True Online Double Conversion
providing True No-Break seamless clean power with IGBT technology.

You can choose any brand of Uninterruptible power UPS System
from our range of world leading manufacturers.

We are totally independent power protection engineers.

If you have a preferred UPS Brand, no problem as we provide complete project consultation and guidance from concept to implementation.

Tell us what you want Uninterruptible Power Supplies you require
and we’ll quote only what you REALLY need
as we’re totally independent and impartial with no brand allegiance

Need a 3 phase UPS power system?
No problem, just call us on:-
0845 055 8455
our friendly UPS engineers are here to help.

3 phase UPS Power Systems needn’t be daunting. 
We’re here to help

Three Phase UPS Power Systems can be custom designed to suit your individual requirements, with long autonomy periods for very stringent specifications required by railway networks, communications systems TV stations, banks, building societies, data centres, hospitals etc. Uninterruptible Power Supplies where you need them most for critical equipment.

UPS Power Systems are manufactured either as single phase or three phase modules.

Here we explain Three Phase UPS systems

Three phase UPS systems require a mains three phase supply of 400-415-440 kVA
3 phase  are symbolised as 3:3 that is the tech form of:-

Three phase IN and Three phase OUT = 3:3

UPS Power Systems that are 3 phase input / 3 phase output can’t be a plug and play option. Any 3 phase UPS systems must be hard wired to a 400-415 volt incoming supply.

UPS Power Systems Three phase output are usually from 10kVA and upwards without a top limit. This is unlike single phase UPS that are usually up to 10/15 kVA only as power above this is restricted by the 220 volt supply.

Three phase UPS systems are the backbone of any commercial/industrial UPS power System and can be 10 mega watt and beyond.
Serious clean seamless power protection for your mission critical systems.
Office comms environments commonly use 50kVA, 100kVA and 200 kVA Three phase UPS power systems.

Three phase UPS can be built to provide a single phase output but these need to be specified at the point or production and can have a single phase output of no more than a maximum of 30 kVA.These are specialised UPS systems for bespoke installations.

These are symbolised as 3:1  that means Three phase IN and Single phase OUT

Three Phase Power  is commonly supplied in the range of  380-440 Volts

UPS Installation -Site Survey 

We will site survey your building at no cost to offer you a choice of UPS power systems options to suite your budget, to find the most cost effective Three  phase UPS system.

UPS Installation – Design

PowerContinuity will design from scratch a fit for purpose three phase UPS power system, providing the schematics and electrical drawings that you will need for any new build ,office re-development, data centre.

UPS Installation –UPS Power Systems which do I require?

You can choose which make of Three Phase UPS power supplies that you may personally prefer or company policy dictates together with remote control management systems. PowerContinuity systems use Three Phase UPS Supplies from all the leading generators genuine UPS manufacturers, so You can choose the UPS power system, that most suites your  IT Comms environment requirements.

UPS Installation – What about Three Phase UPS Maintenance?

Every Three phase UPS requires regular service and maintenance.
Don’t be fooled into a sense of ‘out of sight is out of mind’………..
otherwise one day your UPS will let you down. Critical power requires serious consideration.

UPS Choice – Power Continuity Systems believe you have a choice.

If you want to be green then we can offer the greenest UPS systems available from a number of world renowned manufacturers.

We have no allegiance to one brand name.
Powercontinuity are pleased to offer a complete range of three phase UPS systems
from the worlds leading uninterruptible power supply companies.
Whatever your requirement we’re pleased to assist.

Need some assistance on what to do next?

Please call us on 0845 055 8455 were are here to help

Three phase UPS Installation for Absolute Business Continuity Systems

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