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Standby Power Stations ‘won’t bridge the energy gap’
(May 2018)

The National Grid has recently been consulting with energy providers on Government plans for the future of the industry.

It suggests it could strike deals to fire up power stations which are mothballed for repairs or because they are so uneconomic.  They’ve also suggested that large consumers such as manufacturers and shops reduce electricity use at high demand.

Planning permission has already been given for 15 new power stations to be built to meet demand, but they’ve not been built because it’s uneconomical.

The price of power is very low now, so it seems uneconomical to build the new stations. Coal fired power station make more economic sense, however, the National grid said bringing mothballed power stations on stream would be a last resort.

Power regulators Ofgem said that there’s an increasing likelihood of power shortages in the future since the country may not be producing enough energy to keep the lights on by 2025.
Britain is set to lose a fifth of its generating capacity by 2020 partly because the EU rules mean that a third of coal-fired power stations must close soon to meet carbon emission targets.

Therefore, the chances of a blackout would increase from one in every 47 years now to one in 12 years for 2018-2025.

By that time, spare generating capacity could fall from 14% now to only 2%.

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