World trade volumes will grow by 73% by 2025 predicts HSBC Trade Connections report

//World trade volumes will grow by 73% by 2025 predicts HSBC Trade Connections report

World trade volumes will grow by 73% by 2025 predicts HSBC Trade Connections report

World trade volumes will grow by 73% by 2025 predicts HSBC Trade Connections, a new quarterly global forecast released today. The report predicts that despite the current economic climate and a partner survey of international traders showing a downturn in confidence in the short term, trade will grow by 2% year-on-year until 2015. This is a volume increase of approximately 8% with international trade activity growing, on average, by just under $1trillion a year between now and 2015.

Companies are being urged to find the right support to capitalise on the opportunities presented by expansion in growing and developing markets, and to mitigate the short-term risks of doing business during the next five years, by the leading bank for international business.

The HSBC Trade Connections reports, a combination of new Trade Forecast data compiled by Delta Economics on behalf of HSBC, and the HSBC Trade Confidence Index data, provide the first comprehensive exploration of the future opportunities for businesses operating internationally. We have brought together trade data from around the world with lead indicators of world trade and macro-economic trend information, with a snapshot of real time confidence scores from traders like you and your suppliers, to ground these forecast predictions in the realities of our world today.

Launching the report, Alan Keir, Group Managing Director and Global Head, HSBC Commercial Banking, said: “Recent events have left business people feeling uncertain but one thing is clear, for businesses that are looking to grow, international trade is the real opportunity. We commissioned HSBC Trade Connections to help our customers to shape future strategy based on valuable, meaningful insight. What the findings tell us – that international trade is set to grow despite current economic uncertainty – is reflected in what our customers are seeing and doing every day. During 2011, the international business we are supporting has grown as we use our presence around the world to support forward-thinking companies’ growth.”

The report also outlines:

  • The top 10 fastest growing exporting and importing nations globally
  • How the share of world trade will change for the 36 key countries the report focuses on
  • More detail on trade trends and corridors, including the growth of Brazil and intra-regional trade
  • Greater information on how businesses can capitalise on future international trends for growth.

Source: Article taken from Global Connections 2013



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